Chair of Public Law, Media Law and Information Law
Chair of Public Law, Media Law and Information Law

Current Affairs

Prof. von Lewinski has taken over the office of a speaker (Sprecher) of the DFG Research Training Group (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg) 1681/2 "Privatheit und Digitalisierung" (Privacy and Digitization). This interdisciplinary Research Training Group (RTG) focuses on the concept of "privacy" and its current societal and scientific relevance. The research objective is to question modern privacy concepts in times of rapid digitality development and a firm heteronomy in information.


The Chair focuses on media law issues and works on a text book on media law; the book is planned to be published in 2020/21.

Besides media law, the Chair works on issues like the regulation of algorithms, data protection law, and professional conduct of attorneys. Upcoming issues will be data structures the collision of information law.


Prof Kai von Lewinski

Lectures, courses and seminars offered by the members of the Chair cover public law (constitution law, administrative law), information law and media law. Lectures on "Allgemeine Staatslehre" (general state theory) and constitutional history are given on a regular basis. Occasionally, professional conduct and legal history is taught.

The Chair's law clinic helps start-ups from the Passau region and student entrepreneurs.


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