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Chair of Public Law, Media Law and Information Law

Current Affairs

In time with the General Data Protection Regulation becoming effective, two books habe been published in which members of the Chair have substantially been involved.
The "Auernhammer" commentary is co-edited by Prof von Lewinski, and he has contributed articles on the scope of application, supervisory authorities and data protection in the media. Research assistant Annika Kieck explains the co-operation between processors and the supervisory authorities.
The textbook by Rüpke/von Lewinski/Eckhardt explains the general principles of data protection law. Prof von Lewinski has written the articles on the history of data protection law, consent, supervisory authorities, liability, and sanctions.


The summer semester 2018 will be a research semester for the Chair. We will focus on media law issues and work on a text book on media law; the book is planned to be published in 2019/2020.

Besides media law, the Chair works on issues like the regulation of algorithms, data protection law, and professional conduct of attorneys. An upcoming issue will be the collision of information law.

The Chair is partof the research cluster "Cyber<>Spaces".


Prof Kai von Lewinski

Lectures, courses and seminars offered by the members of the Chair cover public law (constitution law, administrative law), information law and media law. Lectures on "Allgemeine Staatslehre" (general state theory) are given on a regular basis. Occasionally, professional conduct and legal history is taught.

The Chair's law clinic helps start-ups from the Passau region and student entrepreneurs.


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